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Fully Flexible & Completely Agile

Agile Information Systems Construction

Supply chain management

Legal management

Mail management

Human resources

Intelligent Platform, Fully Flexible & Completely Agile

WORKS allows the construction of information systems by simple settings and almost no coding. It combines the robustness benefits of ERP and flexibility of custom development.
Over 60% Of Information System Implementation and Ownership Costs Reduction.

Supply Chain & Logistics Management System

CHAIN is a supply chain management and distribution solution.
It supports all the information system needs from purchasing to the stores.

CHAIN provides the flexibility to respond to ever changing customer demands and market trends.

Legal Activities Management System

CASE is an advanced solution for managing all collection-related activities, legal affairs and litigation whether administrative, commercial, civil or criminal.
It supports any type of administrative or judicial proceedings with their time and legal constraints.

CASE is suitable for both Government & Corporate Legal Departments

Mail & Claims Management System

eRSAL Enterprise communication may be primarily driven by electronic mail and instant messaging, but nearly every office still receives and processes a tremendous amount of paperwork. A corporate mail-management system can ensure a smooth flow of internal and external communication.
eRSAL offers a comprehensive solution to create Mail-Distribution Flow Charts, keep Track of All Incoming and Outgoing Mail. Processing rules and controls can be configured to ensure efficient processing..

Government Human Resources Management System

MAWARID is a comprehensive and integrated HR management solution dedicated to the Government personnel. It covers all functional areas necessary to meet the requirements of public administrations and state agencies in terms of public servants management.
MAWARID is a modular solution covering the Core Human Resources, the Public Payroll, The Talent Management, the Time and Attendance Management, the Workforce Planning and Analytics


About Caciopee

We are a Moroccan editor of global software solutions.

Since 2001, we serve and assist Governments and Large Corporations for the development of innovative, robust, and efficient information systems.



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