Compliance WORKS

WORKS offers all the rigor and especially the flexibility needed for a regulatory compliance management system


Stay compliant with the regulations and rules in a flexible and agile way

Compliance Management has been put in place to meet specific regulatory compliance requirements. At the organizational level, this management is usually implemented through the compliance management processes to identify the required requirements, assess the compliance status, risks and potential costs associated with quality non-conformance. Expenditure forecasts to achieve compliance, then prioritize, fund and take corrective action as deemed necessary.

Reduce risk by applying consistent and harmonized auditing processes in the company

Manage all audit related information securely in a centralized, scalable and reliable system

Facilitate compliance with international government regulations and industry standards

Provide flexible but controlled functionality to allow coordination of multiple groups and different audit processes

Increase audit transparency through automated alerts and advanced reporting features, including dashboards and administrative reports

Streamline and manage compliance requirements to reduce compliance costs by improving response and processing times.

Implement a comprehensive approach to compliance and control through the use of multiple sites, multilingual capabilities, regional reporting requirements, and unlimited security levels.

Protect your brand reputation and improve consumer satisfaction by ensuring that compliance risks are reviewed and addressed as quickly as possible.

Automate the existing compliance management process by assigning compliance initiatives and related investigations, based on location and product type.

Develop compliance management strategies for life cycle compliance management with real-time trend reporting and the transmission of potential security issues.

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