In the current environment, major changes have taken place in public bodies:

  • Human resources are increasingly demanded in terms of output and efficiency
  • Organizations increasingly need specialized profiles in different fields
  • Civil servants have become more and more demanding and alert, which makes human resources departments very much in demand in terms of quality and processing times for administrative files
  • Continuous access to correct and up-to-date information is no longer a luxury but a necessity for Top Management and an acquired right for civil servants by force of circumstances (national transparency policies, development of information technologies, …)

In this context, having an efficient, scalable and efficient IT solution becomes an absolute necessity, even an obligation.

Global and integrated human resources management solution for public administration, designed entirely around the rules and specifics of the administrative management of the State's human resources.

The solution covers all the functional areas necessary to meet the requirements and needs of public and semi-public organizations in terms of administrative management and human resources skills.

In addition, the technical platform of the solution (based on Caciopee's innovative WORKS® platform) is at the forefront of web technologies and offers certain advantages in terms of openness (interconnectivity with other systems), scalability and stability, in addition to compliance with international standards in this area.

Solution structure

The solution is modular and composed of a basic core and a set of functional modules:

  • Administrative management: recruitment / competition, promotions (grades, steps), interruptions of service (leave), mobility (transfers, secondments, etc.), discipline, marital status, discharge from service (retirement, dismissal, resignation, ...) , ..
  • Training management: initial training, continuous training, specialization training, etc.
  • Management of jobs and skills: Repository of jobs and skills, evaluation, gap management, etc.
  • HR Portal (Self-Service)

The Administrative Management module with the civil servant file constitute the basic core which contains the basic administrative processes necessary for the management of the usual operations on human resources according to the laws and regulations in force.

The other modules are grafted around the official file and interact natively with each other.

The HR portal provides self-service access to the authorized functionalities of the system as well as a user-friendly view of the official's file and various personal or public information.

Strengths of the software

It is a software solution that has been designed from the start around THREE fundamental axes representing the current challenges of any public body in terms of human resource management:

Particular features of the Public Service

The management of human resources of public and semi-public administrations is subject to the specific rules and laws of the public service in general, while integrating the specificities of specific statutes (justice, education, police, etc.).


Decentralization means making a compromise between:

  • deportation of a certain level of decision and responsibility to a region, a branch or a delegation,


  • the obligation to maintain a central data repository to ensure a supervisory role, good governance and informed strategic conduct.

The achievement of these 2 objectives was one of the fundamental principles observed during the production of the software. Thus, access to the application's functionalities is possible from all the organization's sites via an intranet. This access allows the use of the application independently and completely, having access to all civil servants under local responsibility. At the same time, all this information is centralized on the main site of the organization allowing the synthesis of everything that happens on all the files of all officials (central or regional).


The solution is developed on the basis of an innovative technical platform allowing a very high degree of adaptation and scalability of business rules. This characteristic gives it the ability to be able to follow legal and procedural changes (natural and inevitable) in the management of public human resources


The solution allows all stakeholders in the HR world to have direct and indirect benefits. Thus, civil servants, HRD, managers and IT specialists are affected by these benefits:

For managers and HRD

  • Single official file
  • Fast processing of files
  • Reduction of administrative burden
  • Support for decentralization and deconcentration
  • Help with strategic decision

For officials

  • Access to reliable and up-to-date information
  • Efficiency in processing files
  • Satisfaction with own personal space

For technicians

  • Flexible settings
  • Scalability
  • Access security
  • Full Web
  • Integrated output states


  • Shared calendar

  • Workflow

  • Task management

  • Electronic document management

  • Notifications and alerts

  • Annotation, dissemination and allocation of portfolios

  • Load sharing between employees

  • Automatic deadlines and reminders

  • Interim management

  • Traceability

  • Multi-criteria searches

  • Statistics

  • ACLs

  • Encryption

  • Electronic signature

  • Mobile ready

  • Cloud ready