Company presentation

Caciopee is a software engineering company that has been developing and deploying innovative, robust and efficient business solutions since 2001.
We are specialized in the implementation of technological solutions intended to automate and support business processes.

We have invested heavily in research and development, especially during the past five years.
These investments have resulted in the creation of a line of innovative business solutions that meet the needs of large organizations and in the creation of a state-of-the-art platform allowing easier implementation of new business applications.

Founded in January 2001, Caciopee is an engineering and services company specializing in information technology, leader in Morocco.
When it was created, Caciopee set itself the goal of becoming a benchmark company in its field of activity.

This objective was achieved by investing in:
  • Human resources and corporate culture
  • Appropriate processes, methods and technologies
  • Commitment to the success of client projects
In 2002, Caciopee started a software engineering activity dedicated to export to Switzerland and France.

In 2003, Caciopee was recognized on the Moroccan market, as a company:
  • with very high potential at the cutting edge of technology,
  • innovative,
  • keeping its commitments.

Since 2006, Caciopee has been recognized by major accounts in Morocco and West Africa as being a major player in the field of software engineering.

Poles and professions covered by Caciopee

The Caciopee management team understood very early on that business knowledge was a key factor in the success of projects.
Caciopee has thus devoted itself to the fields of engineering and software publishing for various sectors.

Software engineering

Thanks to the experience of its consultants in carrying out large-scale development projects, Caciopee supports the implementation of large software development projects. Caciopee covers the entire life cycle of development projects from the analysis, design and implementation phases, to support for change management and the establishment of the operational and human environment .

Caciopee has carried out several major projects in Morocco, Ivory Coast, Senegal, the United Arab Emirates, France and Switzerland. All these projects have been successfully carried out.
Caciopee's technological choice focused exclusively on Java / JEE technologies and Service Oriented Architectures.

Software edition

The knowledge and business expertise acquired by Caciopee in the context of the various projects were used to develop robust, innovative software solutions, covering the needs of organizations in terms of business process management and Digital transformation. Oriented to business processes, Caciopee software packages offer an intuitive and user-friendly user interface, integrate mobility and interface natively with standard IT systems.

Secure, Caciopee software packages allow a drastic reduction of risks and offer a reduced total cost of ownership.